Ekman ilmatar

The Wizard Ilmatar

The Wizard Ilmatar

The Wizard Ilmatar is an ancient wizard, one of the few surviving wizards of the Spellplague that ravaged the lands in 1374DR. A strong elemental magician, Ilmatar sensed the disturbance in the Weave and quickly empowered an artifact to sustain her in a time capsule for 100 years. Deep in an arctic cavern in the Northern lands, Ilmatar remained in hibernation until the artifact’s power had diminished. Awake after 100 years, the wizard was relieved to see that magic had been restored to the Realms. Ilmatar was shocked at the scale of the changes that the Spellplague had wrought upon the land. The arctic valley had now become a monstrous gorge of dry barren rock and desert filled with vile orcs and sinister shadow demons. It seemed like the entire continent had become another world.

As Ilmatar wandered the new world, she found that she was amongst very few with knowledge of the oldest and most powerful arcane magic. Once she had been but a novice wizard, preferring to live in seclusion in the Northern forest among Druids and Nymphs, but now the ancient powers had toppled and been destroyed leaving her a master among a young new school of magic users. But there were others that survived. Soon after regaining consciousness, Ilmatar was invited to join a group of surviving wizards on the Council of Seven.

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