Ales and Wines of Soros

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Dwarven Spotted Manticore 70gp

+2 Str -1 Int -1 Will 2 turns

A classic Dwarven craft lager, well known as an extremely potent and bold in flavor which comes from straining the ale through the hair of manticore manes. Brewed locally in Arkansa by the dwarven brewer Holdstead.

Forest Herb Wine 70gp

+2 Dex +2 Ref 2 turns -2 Str -2 Fort 2 turns after first bonus

A wine of magical forest herbs slowly fermented for 5 years minimum. Slightly bitter to taste, but refreshing. Weaker in alcohol than most drinks, it makes the imbiber feel light as a feather and very fast. As the wine wears off, it leaves the drinker with a mean magical hangover making him feel weaker than normal. Brewed by the dwarven brewer Holdstead, he claims it is an old Druid recipe from the Northwestern Forest.

Zombie Juice 60gp

Int -2, -1 Ref, +2 Con 4 turns

Strong mysterious spirit, grayish green and smells like rotten death. It is rumored to be brewed using actual zombie parts “harvested” deep in the Crypts of Arkansa at great risk. The exact ingredients are very much a mystery though as the brew, like many found in Arkansa, comes from the mysterious, reclusive alchemist Flangeminegor.

Zombie juice is repulsive in flavor, yet very pleasant in intoxication. The drinker will quickly become spaced out and lacking in thought but a necromantic agent in the drink causes immunity to pain and extra resilience for a short time.