The Cloven Dwarves== Created by Clovis the Giant Slayer in the Second Age after Maradin led Clovis and his followers to freedom against their Giant slavers. Upon freedom Clovis decided to settle in the Cloven Mountains, after ridding it of it's former Giant residents. Upon the death of Clovis, his eight sons created their eight respective clans. They are: Charlemagne the Conquerer, Maximillien Jacobin de Robespierre, Charles Francis de Vauban, Napolean de Bonaparte, Bertrand Gaston de Henri, Franc Pierre de Bazain, Brennus the Scholar, and Jean Baptiste de Lafayette. Charlemagne the Conquerer, head of the Charlemagne Clan, bcame King of the Cloven Dwarves upon the death of Clovis. Charlemagne continued to expand the dwarves' power in the Cloven Mountains, until he finally conquered all of it and turned it into a virtual fortress for his people. Upon the death of Charlemagne the Conquerer in strange circumstances, Maximillien de Robespierre and his son conspired against the Charlemagne Clan for the throne, beginning the Cloven Civil War. During that time, Jean-Baptiste de Lafayette fell in defense of the Charlemagne Clan and much of the Charlemagne Clan was destroyed. Thus the rest of the Lafayette Clan, Charlemagne Clan, and Bertrand Gaston de Henri and the Henri Clan fled to continue the Civil War. They created the Pack of Jean-Baptiste and fought a guerilla war, living on the outside of the mountains living among the trees and using the complex system of caves to launch raids. After 250 years, the Clans declared a truce, with the Clans that made up the Pack remaining on the outside to forever defend the Cloven Dwarves and Cloven Mountains and the Robespierre Clan remaining as Kings of the Cloven Dwarves.