A thousand years have passed since the kingdoms of Askelos were forced to the brink of destruction by the hellish conquests of Sadr Kahad. A sorcerer of unparalleled skill, Sadr Kahad whored his soul to the nether-gods and the twisted cabal of the Underdark in exchange for the power to ravage the kingdoms of Soros. Under his command, armies of savage hellspawn marched south from the White Wastes, leaving a swath of death bathed in magic black fire.

In his final push to wipe out the last of the mortal kingdoms, Sadr Kahad, The Unforgivable, leeched the vast Northern Vale of its ancient magic to summon a . The foul beast's stretched wings blocked out the sun, and plunged the whole of Asteros into inescapable black.

After two years of night, Sadr Kahad's demon was slain by the Six Hands Of Soros, and Sadr Kahad's soul was claimed by the Old Gods to which he swore allegiance.