Fallcrest Map
Fallcrest is a medium-sized city in the northern plains. Once a prosperous center of trade set on the Grey River, Fallcrest is now in dark times: a century ago, Bloodspear orcs from the neighboring mountains ravaged Fallcrest's farmland and sacked the city, leaving much to be rebuilt and few left to swing a hammer. Now, Fallcrest is a struggling agricultural state, with dwindling arable land and growing poverty.

Fallcrest is ruled by the Markelhay Family, and the current Lord of Fallcrest is Kolvir Markelhay. Noble rule is diminishing as the coffers grow empty and the guards look for other means of filling their pockets, by legitimate means or otherwise.

About FallcrestEdit

Fallcrest's trade is mostly agricultural, with farmsteads pockmarking the surrounding hills, but within the city walls there are inns, smiths, merchants, and shady fences aplenty. Fallcrest's population is primarily human, but travelers of most races have settled there, including dwarves, a few elves, and the occasional dragonborn.

Recent HistoryEdit

Fallcrest is beset by poverty, crime, and superstition. Antagonism against orcs, half-demon tieflings, and some magic practitioners has become commonplace, and recent executions of accused "witches" by barbarian clans in the town's square have caused major concern's for the Markelhays, who seek to maintain their power.