Belskar is a dragonborn previously of from the city of Arkansa. Born to parents common parents in the city he had much time to explore the surrounding mountainous area. At the age of five Belskar found a cave high in the mountains. While exploring the cave he encountered the dragons primal spirit, although at first frightened he eventually returned to the cave and spoke to the dragon. The dragon informed him that his name was Havanth, and that he had been a teacher to his ancient ancestors although they had forgotten of him since his death. In the end Havanth agreed to teach Belskar the ways of his ancient ancestors, the primal ways. Because he was learning the primal ways from a primal spirit, Belskar had to be more in tune with his primal senses, and thus developed more draconic traits. By the age of seven he was the tallest person in Arkansa, and had unnaturally large teeth. At age ten Belskar who had been regarded with suspicion for many years was cast out of Arkansa. Abandoned by everyone he knew Belskar retreated to the only other place he felt at home, Havanth's cave. He lived here for 5 years, becoming more feral and beast-like, until at the of 15 his home was stumbled upon by Leaflock the Elder. Leaflock saw the primal beast raging in Belskar and used his knowledge of the primal ways to calm him. They lived together in the mountains for another seven years before leaving the mountains to travel to Therosia. Where they found a notice from the town of Fallcrest looking for work...

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